Leveraging Consumer Rights for Improved Service Delivery - 15 March, 2019

Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) organized a national conference on “Leveraging Consumer Rights for Improved Service Delivery” on Friday, 15th March 2019, at Marriot Hotel, Islamabad. This day is celebrated as a World Consumer Rights Day. One of the objectives was to urge the government departments/regulators/market actors to play their role in ensuring that the consumers get a fair deal. It also aimed to enhance awareness of consumers in protection of their rights.

National Conference on 'State and Market: Balancing Consumer Rights in a Digital Age'. March 15, 2018

The rights of consumers, whether it is having the right to quality education or having access to clean drinking water, are violated on various levels. Moreover, it is quite unfortunate that the consumer has been either excluded from legal frameworks altogether or only partially treated. Due to such a state of affairs, the consumers are more vulnerable to exploitative forces because in the absence of a comprehensive legal arrangement , they can’t find any appropriate forum to get their consumer specific problems addressed. The situation becomes further complicated as more and more people are extensively relying on the Internet, raising questions on which online sources consumers can trust and what happens to the information they share online. This year’s conference therefore aims to enlighten the consumer with their basic rights and the need for them to be practiced. A detailed plan of the conference can be accessed by clicking the following links:

Speakers term govt’s anti-regulators move a blow to consumer rights

Speakers at a seminar organized by CRCP while opposing the federal government’s move to place five regulatory bodies under the ministerial control have termed the decision as a fatal blow to consumer rights and protection.

Date: December 22, 2016

20 December 2016 at 'CRCP, Islamabad'

World Right to Know Day: Pakistan makes great legislative strides, lacks political will to implement laws

The constitutional right to information in Pakistan is caught between the political enthusiasm to enact laws and the political will required to implement them, said Abrar Hafeez, secretary general of the Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP).

Date: September 28, 2016